Leander and Valli

I haven’t drawn much in quite awhile because of how long I spend on pictures, but recently I downloaded “Art Academy” on the Wii U and started playing on it. For my first sketch, I decided to do a beach scene. I erased what I was doing several times before being satisfied with a background.

It started out like this. I finished my background, and then I stared sketching out Leander and Valli. I was indecisive about how I wanted them, and erased and re-drew them several times to get ideas.
Leander and Valli BG

Once I decided on a pose I started working on some color. This took quite awhile but it was rather fun. The background was in “chalk”, and I did Leander and Valli in “colored pencils”. The background was separate from them, so I was able to draw and erase them without messing up my background.
Leander and Valli: Partially done

It’s not perfect, but I finished them up today. This is based on a scene I plan on drawing in a future book. I imagined Valli with a yellow swimsuit and a see-through top, with purple flowers decorating one side. I could have done more with details, but I think it’s turned out all right.
On Pressea, swimsuits are generally “swimming shorts” for everyone, including women, but some people who are shyer or more modest (such as Valli) will wear something to cover up their chest as well.
Leander and Valli at the beach

It’s been a long time since I’ve drawn anything, so I must say it was enjoyable. I purchased the program on a whim because it was $4 and I had $9 sitting on my account, and for $4, I’d say it’s worth it. Being able to draw using a touch screen is nice.
“Art Academy” has a lot of limits, but considering the price I liked how it worked and I think I will continue drawing on it after this.

Art – Leander and Deckard chibis

A picture of Leander and Deckard by Tsurakeru.
Deckard putting make-up on Leander chibisAnd a note about make-up! In Nagdecht and Geuran, make-up is generally only used by actors and prostitutes and isn’t considered to be something used exclusively by men or women. So Deckard seems to be up to something bad here.

I don’t think he’d be able to convince Leander this is standard in the army.