Angel’s Wings

Angel’s Wings

I received a free copy of this book.

(Spoilers within)

It’s been a few days since I finished reading the book, so hopefully I remember everything.

One day a young boy turns up on the steps of a church, murdered brutally. Inspector Arthur Harbreak has to solve the crime. But, he’s really a small-town person who doesn’t feel he’s even actually qualified for the job. He asks for help from a longtime friend of his, Doctor Thurston, and they investigate the case together.

In the beginning I wasn’t taken in by the writing style. Not that there were tons of errors or anything was particularly wrong. Something about the style just didn’t draw me in. At first, anyway. That faded the longer I read and I got more into it. I think, perhaps, it was because there was a lot of telling for the set-up instead of showing.

The story revolves around the two questioning the residents of the little village and trying to find evidence in a time before forensics were terribly reliable.

In general, there weren’t too many errors. I spotted some, but not enough to be distracting.

Thurston swallowed but keep calm.

…Anthony’s soul was more corrupt then he’d thought.

…creeping stealthy forward…

As if in in anger of her situation…

I usually had a pretty good idea of what was happening, too. I think the one point that confused me was when Harbreak and Thurston were having a meal out together. In the narration it specifically says that Harbreak, who often drinks, wanted to keep his head clear. So I thought he wasn’t drinking or wasn’t drinking as much as he normally would. In the end, though, he was drunk a bit later, and I didn’t really get much of an indication that he was drinking a ton, particularly compared to usual. I got the opposite indication. I think that part could be cleared up a bit more to show that, despite his intentions, he’s continuously drinking more.

Part of it was that just because he was having a drink doesn’t mean he’s getting drunk, especially if he’s used to drinking and has a tolerance for it.

I liked Harbreak and Thurston together. To be honest, I hoped they would end up together. I didn’t mind Anthony, but the relationship between him and Harbreak was mostly in the past, so we get told about it more than we see it.

It was a pretty good read. I’d say that if you find the premise interesting then go for it. I give it a 8/10.

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