Nagdecht, Geuran and Rhodaren exist on the largest continent on Pressea. In the middle of the continent is a large and dangerous forest called Lyruna.

Lyruna continues to exist despite deforestation for several reasons.

1. People appreciate nature and are opposed to removing the largest forest in the world.

2. Lyruna is full of dangerous animals and plantlife. The further in people press the more likely they are to be attacked.

3. Lyruna provides resources.

4. It would affect the environment.

The largest mountain on the continent is located at the center of Lyruna. It’s real name is Mount Lyrune, but it’s been nicknamed Mount Peril. There’s a long held belief that a great treasure is at the top of Mount Lyrune, and small groups of soldiers are assigned to retrieve it. The groups, however, are always composed of defiant, lazy or otherwise unworkable soldiers and it’s considered giving them a ‘second chance’. If they can make it there and back they can gain both fame and fortune.

None have made it back in forty years. People used to look at it optimistically but now it’s considered a suicide mission.

Lyruna wasn’t mentioned in the first book but it will come up in later books.

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