Naggians have black to extremely dark brown hair. Naggian hair is fine and straight. Shoulder-length hair is popular and is allowed in the army.

Geuranians have blond, all variations of brown and, more rarely, black and green. Green hair is caused by a mutation of the black hair gene, so it always appears very dark and can easily be mistaken for black at a distance. The thickness of their hair varies more than the other two races, usually medium to thick. Both straight and curly hair is normal. Women tend to have longer hair than men, mostly due to men being part of the army and having to keep their hair short.

Rhodarens have medium to dark brown hair. They also have black hair, but it’s more likely that it’ll actually be a dark brown. Rhodaren hair tends to be thick and they usually either have wavy hair or curly hair, but there’s also people with straight hair. Rhodarens dislike cutting their hair short because it usually becomes difficult to handle. Even if they join the army they will often put it up rather than cut it short. It’s most common for them to wear it to their mid-back and rare that they will cut it shorter than a centimeter above their shoulders.

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