On Pressea the majority of people don’t need to learn to drive. If they do need to use a vehicle they’ll hire someone or use public transportation. Vehicles travel between cities on a schedule.

Carts are the main form of transportation. Most people travel within the city they live, and each large city has a well-developed rail system. The railways are built above the ground – the ground is reserved for pedestrians. It’s easy to find a place to board a cart. Generally there’s a spot at every intersection. Depending on the city the carts have different ways of being boarded. In Nagdecht’s capital, the carts lower themselves straight down to the ground at specified boardings spots. In the Geuranian town Leander visited, they built a platform to walk up to the cart. In Rhodaren, it’s common for the rails to curve to lower the cart to the ground. Carts are controlled by a computer system that calculates the best path to take.

There are 2 main types of carts. The first type is the cheaper to ride. It has seats for people and carries them from one destination to another. The second type is commonly called a “dining cart”. These carts are rented by restaurants, bakeries and other food places and serve as a way to sell food all across town. For example, a dining cart in Nagdecht’s capital will have the back or front end dedicated to food. There are compartments for each meal that are designed to keep the food fresh and warm for a period of time. People can look at the display and purchase whatever meal or dessert they want. Throughout the day the carts will be re-stocked with fresh food, so it’s possible to board a dining cart at any point in the day and not worry about the food being out too long. Dining carts are considered expensive not because they cost a lot to board but because people end up spending a lot on food. People can also request food carts from certain restaurants but it may take longer for them to arrive, so often they let the nearest cart come.

Every spot to ride a cart has an access panel nearby. These are used to pay and enter the destination, but in Geuran and Nagdecht they’re also connected to a widespread network of information so they can all be updated regularly. The purpose of the network is so that information is easily shared among all citizens. What is on the network depends on the country. Each country has a separate network from the others and is monitored differently. Geuran and Nagdecht both strictly regulate information that is available to the public while Rhodaren’s rules are much looser. This is because Nagdecht’s monarchy and Geuran’s dictatorship only want some information public. They’re also cautious to avoid putting up useful information that other countries might be able to steal. Rhodaren, on the other hand, is a Republic. Their leaders don’t have a monopoly on their media. Access panels in Rhodaren are for getting directions and entering destinations. The majority of their information comes from a variety of media sources run by everything from news companies to small local sources.

There are other carts made for specific situations. Hospitals have carts prepared to pick up and transport people. Medical carts take precedence over other types of carts and always use the quickest route. People who have certain IDs (police, rescue teams, etc.) can register when there’s an emergency to get places as fast as possible.

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