Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog dedicated to the Outlander Leander series. Sketches, ramblings, discussions and anything else that comes up.

If you have read or will read Outlander Leander Vol.1: Flute of the Wind Queen, thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them here.

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6 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Well I just found Aarinfantasy’s little advertising thread and so I jumped on Amazon Germany to order the book 😀

    If you’re interested I can give you feedback after reading it 🙂

    looking forward to it ^^

  2. I also saw this on Aarin and am interested in it, but I might get it after the Christmas rush and all… or maybe on kindle… but I’d rather have a book in my hands… okay, babbling, sorry…

    I was just wondering how many volumes will there be?

      • Whoa! That’s nice to hear 😀

        I just finished the first book now and I really liked it ^^
        read it in 2 two days!

        Now I’m also just spaming >_<'

        Whatever: What I would like to know is how long it took to make this like from writing until publishing? Because it could give an idea on how long to wait for the second volume ^^

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