For anyone wondering about reviews, the last book took a while because it was fairly long.

Right now, I’m reading over another book for a friend. I’m not going to be posting a review of it, they just wanted my feedback and to bounce ideas with me.

It’s also Nanowrimo, so I’ve been focusing on writing. While I need to work on editing “Lorough”, the fourth book in the Outlander Leander series, I’ve been working on two books for Nanowrimo. One isn’t posted anywhere yet, the other is “Love, Android,” which will be a one-shot sci-fi novel.

The other will also be sci-fi but, like Outlander Leander, will be wrapped in a fantasy package. Even more so that Outlander Leander is, which will make sense when it’s done.

An author who is a friend of mine recently received some good news from an agent about their book. It’s another one I read and gave feedback on before, and it was a good book. I haven’t read the updated version, but she said she fixed up some of the things I mentioned to her. I’ll be sure to post about it when it’s released.

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