End of the Murder Mystery Contest

AndreaH won the $50 gift code. Congratulations!
There were several good theories, particularly from GR Hovorka, Amy Gooch, Amanda D and Alyson.

Entries for the $5 codes are being checked right now.

Donsaye – He hated Ellora and was quick to trash her when she was brought up. He attempted to divert attention from himself by pointing suspicion towards Luleeno.
Realizing that the hair stick had fallen somewhere, he looked for it but was unable to find it, claiming that he dropped a fork and was searching for it. At the same time, he was pushing the cart to hold food, which had a large white sheet covering it and was the way he was able to cover up the body and move it without being noticed.
As one of the caterers, he stayed after the show to help clean up (as mentioned by Tenore), which gave him a chance to dump the body.
Motives, of course, are explained in the last chapter.

At the time of the murder:
Aliseam – She was guarding the entrance along with another guard, so she was outside when the murder happened. She was the only one who knew Visrial well and expressed the most grief over her death, even having difficulty sleeping and being upset when no fingerprints could be recovered from the murder weapon. Leander brought clues to her as he dug them up, and she was always quick to listen and protect them (marking off the location Valli said he had seen the “spilled juice” as well as taking the letter to the police).
She also checked to make sure everyone had locked their doors at night, highlighted by the fact that Tenore had forgotten to lock her door and Aliseam needed to remind her.

Valli, Ellora, Seolian, Tanikaye, Asean, Luleeno, Erona, Tiamy – They were all performing or getting ready to perform. They were either on stage or in the dressing rooms. None had any way to transport the body without being noticed.

Tenore – She was in the tech room, and stayed there for the entire show.

Derian – He was in the kitchen, with the exception of a bathroom break. Being a cook in the middle of service, he was unable to leave for long without being noticed, and had no method to carry and conceal a body.

Putting this contest together took many months and was a complete disaster. Originally, I set out to have an edited story, with many pictures included. I had the story parts ready for months, but was unable to get them edited, and when I hired an artist to draw all of the people he disappeared. It was a complete mess.

In the end, I posted up the story as it was, having only read it over myself, and without much artwork. It was disappointing, but I’m glad that it’s done and over and I can move on to the next thing. This story will be added to the main site, and will eventually probably have more artwork included.

I’d like to thank everyone who participated and all of those who read. Thank you very much!

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