General Glaive Melechtion

General Glaive was first mentioned in “Flute of the Wind Queen”. After the death of King Lariat, Lakorian became the new king and Glaive Melechtion was immediately promoted to general; however, the previous general, General Oske, didn’t step down, putting the kingdom in an unusual position of having one king and two generals.

General Glaive formed his own personal unit of elite soldiers with no official title, often called “Glaive’s men” or “the Melechtions” by the public. At the time “Coronation Necklace” takes place there are five in the group, with Tyrus being the newest recruit of only a few weeks.

Though the first three men were personally picked and recruited at the same time, the entire group is commonly numbered from first to last in a certain order:

1. Dorrius Melechtion
2. Tetchion Melechtion
3. Quinn Melechtion
4. Giddeon Melechtion
5. Tyrus Melechtion

Due to the plot and overall length of “Coronation Necklace”, the book will primarily focus on a few of them while others will only have time to show a small bit of their personalities. It won’t be the last time they appear in the series.

(As a side-note, two of them are wearing their hats wrong in the picture. Hats are pulled to the right.)

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